Julius Debrah Banned By The US, UK And Others - Jon Benjamin

Julius Debrah Banned By The US, UK And Others - Jon Benjamin

Ghana's former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, has been slapped with life bans from the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

This follows his diplomatically disastrous decisions to enplane NDC party faithfuls on presidential trips, and these 'travellers' vanishing into thin air as soon as the planes touched down.

Watertight information received by Ghananewsreporters.com gave a detailed account of the many occasions on which Mr. Debrah sent NDC party footsoldiers on official trips, ostensibly to flee into various parts of these countries.

Prominent amongst these trips was President John Dramani Mahama's trip to New York to attend the UN General Assembly last year in which Julius Debrah sent a whopping 48 NDC supporters along, and these party faithfuls never made the return journey.

Efforts to get Mr. Julius Debrah to speak to these assertions have proven futile as he has remained tight-lipped over the whole issue.

The latest to join in the fray, and to add much credence to the story as carried by the credible website is no mean a person than Mr. Jon Benjamin, the immediate past UK Ambassador to Ghana.

In a tweet which leaves no shred of doubt in the minds of discerning readers from Mr. Benjamin, the former Ambassador seems to have thrown his weighty weight behind the claims by ghananewsreporters to the effect that Julius Debrah has been handed life bans in these countries.

It is instructive to note that though the ban by the US government might have headlined the reportage, the other countries therein were also not spared by the dastardly things Mahama's Chief of Staff subjected the American government to.

According to these other countries, the official trips of the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, into their countries included people who never went back with the entourage, confirming the long-held belief that it was a deliberate ploy by the former administration to practise that undiplomatic agenda against countries they visited.

The American government, through series of investigations, has come out to state emphatically that the Chief of Staff under the erstwhile John Mahama administration was the architect of that practice, hence these simultaneous bans from these powerful nations.

Ghananewsreporters.com can authoritatively confirm that indeed Mr. Julius Debrah has been issued a life ban in these countries, and cannot, therefore attempt to secure visas to travel into these countries.

While Ghanaians wait with bated breath to hear the side of the beleaguered former Chief of Staff, it must be stated without any shadow of doubt that Mr. Julius Debrah has been banned from the afore-mentioned countries for the reasons stated above.