“ John Mahama Looked Drunk And Fatigued”  

“ John Mahama Looked Drunk And Fatigued”  

A Collation Officer representing the National Super Alliance Party at the 2017 National Collation Centre has made a damning observation regarding John Mahama, the leader of the Commonwealth Observer Mission in the Kenyan elections.

Godfrey Kanoti, high ranking NASA official in charge of logistics and collation team member has indicated his lack of shock at the declaration by the various observer missions that the elections were credible.

“The moment I saw the man from Ghana, later officially introduced as the head of the Commonwealth Observers visit the collation centre with a small flask in his left-hand, I wondered what was in it, it certainly couldn’t be water, the weather at this time of the year isn’t usually hot and two other guys with him had plain water bottles which is very popular here in Kenya, this confirmed that it just wasn’t water. He had fiery eyes that appeared swollen a bit”. He narrated.

Mr. Kanoti continued that “he greeted pleasantly but from the onset of his line of questioning however incoherent seemed to suggest why we are not going ahead to make the obvious declaration for Kenyatta even when it is clear that we were not yet done with the proper procedure. So myself and the other collation assistants wondered if he was an observer or campaign person for Uhuru, this made one of my colleagues retorted jokingly that, it maybe from the contents of the flask or that he was tired.”                

Ever since the epic destruction by the Kenyan Supreme Court on Friday annulling the 2017 August Presidential elections, the entire conduct of the polls have been put under severe scrutiny.

Also cast in retrospect is the conduct and disposition of the various Observer Mission that monitored and opined on the election based on what they observed.

However, what has now come to seem like some dark cloud hanging over the heads of these Observer Missions is the almost unanimous judgment that the elections from the voting process, through counting to collation and subsequently declaration was conducted freely and fairly in the face of the supreme decision has caused a lot of people, local and international to call the role of the observer mission into question.

Of particular interest, is the pronouncement by former President of Ghana and leader of the Commonwealth Observer Mission John Mahama on the elections, especially regarding his close affinity to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and whether that personal friendship will not affect the professional execution of the huge task of the head of Commonwealth Observer Mission in Kenya.

It therefore came as no surprise when even before the process could reach a near conclusive state and when the opposition had raised red flags that the elections was irrefutably credible.



 “Our overall conclusion is that the opening, voting, closing and counting process at the polling stations on August 8th, 2017 were credible, transparent and inclusive. We commend and congratulate Kenyan Voters, the staff of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, political party agents, candidates’ agents, the media and all security personnel for their commitment to the democratic process’’.  President Mahama observed.

Odinga, in an interview with CNN on Thursday August 10, said the observers concentrated on voting and tallying but not on the transmission of the results.

“I think that the observers have not helped Kenyans resolve this dispute, they have confounded it by giving basically an approval to a fairly flawed process”.  He indicated.

He, upon the decision of the Supreme Court stated that, “today’s verdict has put on trial the international observers who moved so fast to sanitize fraud”.