Asiedu Nketia's Press Conference Was Useless!

Asiedu Nketia's Press Conference Was Useless!

It is more than a herculean task to make progress when a group of people who form part of the governance structure of a country choose to be extravagantly theatrical when issues of national importance ought to be tackled with maximum amount of seriousness. 

That is the very food the opposition NDC is selling to the people of Ghana in the face of this US and Ghana military co-operation agreement.

To them, political capital must be gained from every single happening in this country. They cannot discuss anything of national stature without applying politics.

It is a sign of a political group that is desperate to win the hearts and minds of the very people who experienced their gross incompetence and relegated them to the sidelines as a result.

Ghanaians can no longer be taken for granted. The business as usual concept is fast losing steam in their minds and hearts. Discernment has taken over emotive arguments and decisions which arrive from superficial presentation of issues which become topical on the airwaves.

The NDC had a press conference yesterday. To the gullible NDC footsoldier who has no time to dig into the archives to satisfy himself or herself of the facts of this raging issue, Asiedu Nketia's illogical arguments make lots of sense to him/her.

It just so happens that a large majority of Ghanaians look before they leap, and have therefore, come to appreciate the fact that the document as presented to Parliament is not as mundane and empty as the NDC wants us to believe.

Ghanaians have come to realize that the so-called danger the NDC is effortfully singing about is only in their empty heads. The danger that they claim looms large can only be their own creation since this pact has always been in the system and that this administration is only seeking to give a legal status to it.

Parliament represents us, and it is hoped that the document will be dispassionately discussed for the next action to be activated.

Clearly, a molehill was being sold to us as a mountain by the opposition National Democratic Congress. They painted a rather grandiose image of how awfully bad and diseased the agreement sounds, only for further and better particulars to come to dwindle their evil agenda to the sidelines.

The sooner the NDC benches their penchant to exaggerate harmless issues in the country, the better for them because they are turning themselves into comedians instead of politicians and a political group worth reckoning with.

Asiedu Nketia and his drowsy lots should spare us this unhealthy and joyless comedy of attacking the Akufo-Addo government over this matter when the whole deal was started by them as recently as 2015.

The jungle is not a place for the rich and famous. It is a perfect abode for the strong and daring. Opposition has become hell for them, hence these strenuous efforts to reject that place.

President Akufo-Addo should be commended for being overly transparent with Ghanaians. Transparency was a stranger under the erstwhile John Mahama administration.

For Ghana to fully become the envy of its peers, a political entity like the NDC must be kept at bay for so long a time.