A Separation Letter To Francisca Adjei  (Part 2)

A Separation Letter To Francisca Adjei  (Part 2)

Dear Francisca Adjei,

This is a sequel to the amorous note that found its way to your empty desk. In your burning desire to sink into oblivion the level of incompetence which headlined Mahama's administration, you went on a tangent that even shocks Lucifer himself.

I was initially livid to the hilt upon reading the part which has to do with the Kumasi Shoe factory and the Komenda Sugar factory, but reflecting upon it in retrospect, I realized that you simply didn't know what you sententiously wrote about.

Short of describing the Kumasi Shoe factory as botched, it is important to gen you up, that is, if you've been lazing about and not paying particular attention to what have been happening on our airwaves, that the shoe factory cannot be classified as a factory.

That miniature of a shoe manufacturing entity was suffering some ailments which never got healed.

The shoes which were produced under Mahama were never paid for! In fact, after failing to pay for the services rendered our security personnel, Mahama caused for shoes to be imported from China for the security forces! The Kumasi Shoe factory was left in ruins!

You don't render a cloth tattered and bequeath it to the next generation! That is wickedness to the apogee!

The least said about the Komenda Sugar factory, the better! That entity is in the intensive care unit of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital!

It wouldn't amount to  a needless exaggeration to surmise that your narrow-mindedness cannot see beyond two metres from your physical body, and so you would not understand how insentient your government was with that factory.

Contrary to what His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said prior to the 2016 general elections that Ghana deserves a leader that thinks about the next generation, your government under the disabled leadership of John Mahama always prioritized the next elections above the future generation.  

The Komenda Sugar factory qualifies to be referred to as placing the cart before the horse.

Which government competent enough would build a factory without looking at the availability of the raw materials needed to operationalize the factory?

You have the gut, in the face of this wicked agenda of Mahama, to blame Akufo-Addo for not making it work? If it was so easy for the factory to run without raw materials, why didn't you people produce the sugar you boastfully spoke about? Please, sugarcanes don't mature overnight!

The bit about Mahama leaving Akufo-Addo 123 Day Secondary Schools was so shocking that at a point one could believe that it was inserted in your piece by your little daughter.

Mahama never completed even 30 of the 123 schools he promised to build. Those completed were financed by the World Bank. Most of the sites allotted for the schools are rooms for reptiles and apartments for lizards of all kinds.

Francisca, you are so empty! With the benefit of hindsight, I am cock sure that you would not have concentered on some of the subjects which touched your heart to write on.

Your spurious assertions tacitly confirm the section of the Kwesi Botchwey's report that your party's communication strategy was outmoded and out of touch with realities.

In government, you people were incompetent, but try as much as possible to make yourselves useful now that you are enjoying the hellish accommodation opposition has gladly cast your direction!


Abass Senyo