I Am Sorry -Ambassador Ayisi Boateng Apologises

I Am Sorry -Ambassador Ayisi Boateng Apologises

Ghana’s ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, George Ayisi Boateng has apologized profoundly for comments he made to members of the student wing of the New Patriotic Patriotic Party last weekend.

This was contained in a statement issued under his hand on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, and headlined “RETRACTION OF PARTISAN COMMENTS AND SUBMISSION OF UNQUALIFIED APOLOGY TO THE GHANAIAN POPULACE.”

“I am aware that as the representative of Ghana to South Africa, I have a responsibility to protect the interest of all Ghanaians within my jurisdiction and to grant them equal access to opportunities that are presented, irrespective of their political affiliation.” The statement said.

Sections of the Ghanaian society have applauded this move as admirable and a huge leap in our democratic dispensation where top government appointees listen to the people and make themselves accountable to them.    

The Ambassador’s comments has generated a lot of controversy across the media landscape with conflicting opinions on whether it was right considering his diplomatic status.       

“I have, upon sober reflection, decided to retract the comments I made during my interaction with some Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region over the weekend.”

He added that, “I have realised that my statement is unfortunate and at variance with the letter and spirit of the Ghanaian constitution and the dignified office of High Commissioner that I occupy”.

“I regret the effect of my speech delivered to the young party members which has generated public outcry.” The deeply remorseful Ambassador Ayisi Boateng wrote.  

 Concluding, the statement said “I, therefore, wish to retract my comments and render an unqualified apology to the Presidency and all Ghanaians”.