NDC Supporters Attack Mahama And Muntaka Mubarak In Asawasi.

NDC Supporters Attack Mahama And Muntaka Mubarak In Asawasi.

What appeared to be an innocuous visit to the Muslim community in the Kumasi area by former President John Dramani Mahama turned out to be an event filled with chaos and violence.

The Bole Chief in the Ashanti Region had passed on and his funeral rite was being held in the Asawasi enclave. The former President was in attendance together with other dignitaries. The deaths of seven young men from the area who were allegedly shot down by the police also fuelled the commotion.

This would cause series of uproarious demonstrations which have since been contained. Former President John Dramani Mahama had in his entourage the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Muntaka Mubarak. As soon as he took the microphone to address the crowd, the garboil that greeted him was enough to end his planned speech unceremoniously. 

The crowd was accusing Muntaka of having played a role in their defeat in the 2016 elections, and that they would not let him address the crowd. Not even the presence of the former President could calm the nerves of the incensed youth as they appeared uncontrollable.

While most of them were heard blaming Muntaka for the party's predicament, some could audibly be heard laying a similar blame on the former president as they shouted 'you're also to blame for our loss'. 

But for the strenuous efforts of some security personnel detailed at the event, the incident could have turned bloody. The former President as well as the MP for Asawasi were both prevented from addressing the angry crowd and had to be escorted away from the irate crowd.


Ben Duku