Amass Ghana Inaugurates Forty Young Peace Ambassadors in Bimbilla

Amass Ghana Inaugurates Forty Young Peace Ambassadors in Bimbilla

Amass Ghana has inaugurated the first batch of its Young Peace ambassadors at the close of its peacebuilding workshop in Bimbilla – Nanumba north district in the Northern part of Ghana to augment the promotion of peacebuilding in the area.

The Executive Director, Mr. Kofi Asamoah-Ababio in his speech commended the forty (40) young people for their steadfastness and unrelenting contribution throughout the program. He said, the young peace ambassadors during the sessions expressed readiness to lead the way in order to advance the frontiers of peacebuilding in Bimbilla.

Speaking at the end of the peacebuilding workshop, Mr. Ababio tasked ambassadors to remain committed to course and to also start the formation of peacebuilders club in their various schools to enable them increase the base of the peacebuilding work.

“Make sure you bring your peers on board, teach them the methodologies you learned here so that they can appreciate peace to enable them work towards it – let them understand that, their problems are manmade, therefore it can be solved by man and no problem created by human is beyond human beings” he stressed.

Fusheini Nasiba, a beneficially from Feeding The Sheep international school expressed delight in the event and appealed to funders, Niwano Peace Foundation – Japan to continually provide funding support to the program to enable them, together with organizers – Amass Ghana roll more young people on the program to spread the peacebuilding work in the area.

“We can only benefit and roll more young people on the platform for the next five years if, Amass Ghana continues to receive funding support from Niwano Peace Foundation and other funding agencies/organizations to enable us inject methodologies learned to safeguard the future of Bimbilla” she added.

Nasiba said apart from the forty (40) pupils who are hasten to becoming peace ambassadors, there are many others in her school, Mosque and home who are willing to join the course of promoting peace in the district in the second phase of the project.

She however urged parents, chiefs and leaders of Nanum to see themselves as one people in order to find common grounds to iron their differences because the violent-conflict is constantly whisking lives and displacing indigenes, hijacking development and that of educational progress.

“When the dreaded violent-conflict rears its ugly head in the district, we are forced to hide in our rooms or run to safety until it passes because one cannot allow himself to be captured by the gory – we hear the sounds of the terrifying gunshots whiles hiding in our rooms and I tell you, there is nothing good about it. Activities including classes and fellowship comes to a halt because there will be helter-skelter in the district”, she noted. 

The peacebuilding workshop funded by Niwano Peace Foundation - Japan brought together forty (40) students from twenty (20) different basic schools across the Nanumba north district for the purposes of forging a peace-corp.