Another Decay At MASLOC $2m Dollar Car Rot Uncovered

Another Decay At MASLOC $2m Dollar Car Rot Uncovered

Latest revelations, which involves a whooping Two (2) Million Dollar car deal sees the nation robbed by an inflated figure of almost 40% per vehicle in this obvious corruption-ridden deal.

Preliminary investigations has cited a price quotation from MAC Auto & Spare Parts Ghana Limited, located along the Spintex Road, in Accra, dated September 15, 2017, which gives the price of a Chevrolet Spark Lite (Hatchback) Saloon car as GHC 39, 600.  In dollar terms, a buyer will have to pay around $9,000.

But the government of Ghana in 2016, under the watch of former President John Dramani Mahama, committed the nation to the payment of over GHC60, 000 for the same vehicle in 2016 before leaving office. In dollar terms, the government agreed to pay over $16,000.

Sedinam Tamakloe Attionu, appointed by John Mahama in 2013 as Chief Executive of Micro Finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), sealed a deal in November, 2016 as the purchaser, with MAC Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Limited, as the supplier, to provide 100 ‘Chevrolet Spark’ vehicles, as well as 150 ‘Chevrolet Aveo’ vehicles and 100 ‘Isuzu buses’ for the Ghana Private Road Transport Union on hire purchase.      

Even though the market price of the ‘Chevrolet Aveo’ was around $15,500 in September, 2017, MASLOC, under the leadership of Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, felt it made more sense to commit the nation to the payment of over $18,000 for the same vehicle in 2016.

This does not take into account the 100 3-seater Isuzu buses, which were part of the 350 vehicles procured under the contract.

Sources claim MAC Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Limited having acknowledged that the deal was a bad one for government attempted a move towards re-negotiation with the NPP government but the latter finds the revised deal still unacceptably outrageous.

The Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU) have refused to buy the said vehicles from MASLOC in view of the exorbitant prices obviously caused by the inflation of the costs.

The 350 brand new vehicles are now rotting under the mercy of the weather, as GPRTU officials are saying if the government at that time was too reckless or for whatever reason could not consider the cost involved then they cannot bear that cost. However, they will agree that if government will bear half of the cost of the vehicles, they will acquire them on the agreed hire purchase

MASLOC is an agency under the Office of the President which functions as the microfinance apex-body responsible for implementing the government's microfinance programmes meant to reduce poverty, create jobs and wealth.


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