ROT AT SSNIT…As Alabi Disowns Criminal Gang!

ROT AT SSNIT…As Alabi Disowns Criminal Gang!

If the act of corruption has ever been that pervasive in our political history, one would not be far from right to insist that the John Mahama regime is second to none in terms of the administrations replete with so much corrupt practices!

The morbid details of how Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) was ruined tacitly attests to the irrevocable truth that the John Mahama-led administration supervised over a level of corruption whose example is yet to be experienced in our political history.

Ghanaians woke up to be greeted with a news item that shocked them to the bone marrow. The National Democratic Congress, it has emerged, has tentatively told Ghanaians they diced with death entrusting them with the running of affairs. Workers funds paid to SSNIT have been abysmally managed by the people charged with the responsibility of steering its affairs by the Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Amissah-Arthur administrations.

A software was acquired at the whopping sum of $66 million by SSNIT, and this has been identified to be outrageous much as it is reprehensible. Checks across many regions of the West African sub-region as well as the African continent as a whole have revealed that no software designed for the purposes of managing data could be as ridiculously costly as this $66 million being quoted by SSNIT.

According to the Dr Kwame Addo Kufour-led SSNIT Board of Directors, the amount spent on the technology violates everything considered to be financially prudent, and therefore, those who supervised such a system ought to be investigated, and if a prima facie case is established, then the appropriate sanctions and punitive measures are applied.

Whilst Ernest Thompson has tried everything humanly possible to distance himself from any form of liability arising out of this deal, Joshua Alabi, a former Board Chairman of the SSNIT has also dissociated himself from the rot that went on. Prof Alabi contends that the decision to embark on this software project was taken by the board before the one he chaired. The question is, why didn’t he change the terms of the agreement when he found out that there were a lot to be desired? Ignorance of the law, they say, is no excuse!

What has become contentious, however, is the person or group of persons who supervised this scandalous rot at SSNIT. Joshua Alabi is distancing himself from the scandal, and so is Ernest Thompson. While these two people cannot wholly be insulated from this naked raping of these funds, it has been discovered that Mr Kwame Peprah, a former Minister of Finance, led the entire ghoulish and diseased deal that has caused SSNIT to lose this colossal sum of money of contributors.

The critical question being asked as a result of this new discovery is the fact that an ex-convict who got imprisoned for wilfully causing financial loss to the state to be entrusted with an entity with cash to burn!

The clarion call now from all walks of life is for our systems to work. Ghanaians expect the law enforcement agencies to wake up from their continuous slumber and tackle this matter head-on. The long arm of the law must not be silent on this scandalous rot at SSNIT.

It is high time we were proactive in curbing these perennial incidences. The Mahama administration did Ghana more harm than good. The Kwame Peprah/Joshua Alabi/Ernest Thompson SSNIT scandal gives ample justification to the belief that the maladministration of John Mahama could be worse than earlier presumed. A forensic examination must be done with the sole intention of finding out more of such rots so that the system can be wholly cleansed.