Ato-Forson and Adongo Should Supply Us the True Figures or Shut Up!

Ato-Forson and Adongo Should Supply Us the True Figures or Shut Up!

The Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Attah, two weeks ago delivered a statement on the floor of Parliament ostensibly to gen Ghanaians up on the health of the economy halfway through the fiscal year. The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana enjoins the minister to bring the populace up to speed on how the economy is faring in the middle of the year, and that was exactly what the finance minister sought to do.

In his delivery, the minister gave an overview of the state of affairs as regards the strides the Akufo-Addo administration has made over the past six months. According to the minister, though a challenged economy was bequeathed to the administration, there was the need to adopt pragmatic measures to restore hope and confidence in the economy, and the indicators manifestly depict that we are on track in extricating the economy from the quagmiry state in which it finds itself.

Inflation which was high as at December last year has been brought down to 12.08%, Bank of Ghana's base rate stands at 12.1%. The other indicators were given as follows;

GDP growth rate at 6.3%.

Non-oil GDP growth rate at 4.6%.

End of year inflation maintained at 11.2%.

Fiscal deficit of 6.5% of GDP to 6.3%.

Primary balance from 0.4% of GDP to 0.2%.

Gross foreign asset is also projected to cover at least three months of import of goods and services.

Though total revenue expected within the six months period was not fully met but the administration was able to spend less than it had anticipated.

No sooner had the Finance Minister delivered this statement to Ghanaians on the floor of the House of Parliament than the NDC rolled out their predictably infamous venom on the minister and what he had captured in his statement.

Cassiel Ato-Forson, Isaac Adongo and Fiifi Kwertey begun puncturing non-existing holes into the delivery. They posited, without abducing counter figures to buttress their claims that the figures were pure inventions from the mind of the Finance Minister. In effect, they allege that the figures proclaimed by the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Attah, are fictitious, and do not bear any semblance or relationship with what the realities on the ground are.

Many a Ghanaian have been alarmed by this new turn of events, asking themselves how the general public could be hoodwinked into believing in figures which are a far cry from the facts. Tongues started wagging, asking for the counter, yet factual information to be furnished the people.

Try as we might to source the so-called accurate figures from Ato-Forson and his economic wizard troops, we are yet to be given the information.

Without mincing words, we demand that Ato-Forson and his friends either supply us with the information or they apologize to the honourable Minister for Finance and Ghanaians in their entirety.

It is problematic having a minority who always engage in purposeless lamentations all the time, but it is far more tragic having them making it a religious affair to lie against officers of the state with enormous amount of integrity. One wouldn’t be far from hitting the nail right on the head to conclude that the Haruna Iddrisu-led minority is a bunch of people who are certified talking crickets!